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The Mission

InnovatiON was founded because of the lack of research/ innovation opportunities and exposure amongst Indian middle and high-schoolers.

The aim of this organisation is to introduce, inspire, and mentor students to pursue independent research. We believe that the first step to a significant research work/ innovation, is to ask impactful questions. The resources we provide prompt students to question daily-life things around the and teaches them to not just see, but to observe.

In December 2018, InnovatiON initially started as a blog that featured interviews by teen researchers/ innovators as a direct attempt to reach out to people and to inspire. Soon after, the first club chapter was started at Delhi Public School Kalyanpur, Kanpur. As a branch-off from the club, we started a mentorship program for middle-schoolers. Within a year, we started organising intra-school competitions, primarily involving elementary product design. After an enthusiastic reception, we decided to take this to a new level. In the December of 2019, innovatiON took a huge step by conducting the state's first ever product design/ innovation challenge called the InnovatiON Redesign Challenge. Soon, we partnered with a few local schools, and started conducting workshops.

With the Coronavirus crisis, and all our schools online, we decided to start a range a STEM related courses that invoke curiosity, and provide a concise, yet fascinating introduction to unconventional topics. Further, we plan on developing a podcast series, featuring only Indian teen researchers and talk about their journey, their work, and what makes them like any of us.

Through all of our activities, we hope to bring our mission to life: to innovate, create and be the change.


We are a blog based organisation aiming to promote research and innovation amongst Indian kids. In addition to the blog, we run a club chapter at DPSK and a mentorship program. Further, we conduct innovation (product redesign) competitions and workshops locally.

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