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Anwesha loves psychological thrillers, mathematics, and red velvet cake. She's passionate about cognitive science research and interns at two labs year round. In her free time, she does competitive olympiad mathematics, and edits for literary magazines. In addition to this, she's also involved in science communication- she has spoken at two TEDx events, and is currently developing a science communication video series for a tech company.



Stuti is one cool teenaged girl who's got a strong passion for science. She is currently interested in the Chemistry of materials and is specially intrigued by the unique behaviour of photons. Besides science, she's got a strong taste in music, her favourite genre being rock. She's a musician herself (the piano is her weapon!) and when it comes to sports, she's a badminton player too!


Praharsh is one lively guy who loves music, films and scientific literature. He is vehement about photography, filmmaking, writing and is mesmerized by the in-depth insights of various technologies. He is currently working in the field of Assistive Technology and is engaged in developing systems primarily for the deafblinds.


Shambhavi, a sophomore, is an ambivert and a food enthusiast. She like singing and listening to music (and finding the good but not popular ones). Her other love is in the STEM fields- Math and Physics. And she is currently fascinated by the Quantum Theory of Photons by Einstein. In math, she likes being exposed to new and ancient mathematical concepts. In the little spare time she has after all this, she enjoys a game of basketball.


Arnav's primary interest is Theoretical Physics- more specifically, Astrophysics and Particle Physics. This stems from his interest in answers to the big questions on both the cosmic and the quantum scales. His other passion is Philosophy (specifically Ontology and Epistemology), and he's a strong believer that Physics and Philosophy is a lethal combination when it comes to interpreting reality.

Apart from these, he's interested in Fundamental Research in general. Moonlighting as a classical music aficionado, he spends most of his nights stargazing.


We are a blog based organisation aiming to promote research and innovation amongst Indian kids. In addition to the blog, we run a club chapter at DPSK and a mentorship program. Further, we conduct innovation (product redesign) competitions and workshops locally.

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