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Pedro Cabral- A Brazilian Young Researcher/ Data scientist

Pedro Cabral is a Brazillian High School student. Since 2016, Pedro attended national olympiads and rocket contests, and his effort gave him the title of finalist and medalist at the 2017 Brazillian Programming Olympiad. In 2018, Pedro started his journey into teaching data science and astrophysics research in the Laboratory of Astrophysics and Cosmology of the Federal Institute of Ceará. His passion for mathematics and technology also lead him to give lectures in the Laboratory of Robotics of the Federal Institute of Ceará. Pedro is a co-author of two scientific articles and has helped with two master's articles. As a Wikipedia contributor, he has a diverse spectrum of interests in many areas, ranging from aerodynamics and artificial intelligence to abnormal psychology and philosophy.

This interview was conducted over a conference call on zoom.

This interview went much longer than I had initially expected. And it was great talking to Pedro Cabral about his research and life as a teen researcher in Brazil. So, I turned this into a video.

In the video, he answers the questions-

  1. You work as a researcher and data scientist at the Laboratory of Astrophysics and Cosmology. Can you tell us a bit about the kind of research you do?

  2. How popular is research amongst high-schoolers in Brazil? How hard is to find a mentor who would take you in considering your age (first experiences)?

  3. You have also authored two scientific articles. Can you tell us a bit about them? Specific challenges you might have faced being so young?

  4. Do you think success in school academics is integral to research in any way?

  5. How do you hunt for ideas? And what is your favourite source of inspiration?

  6. Is there a stigma around you being so young and doing advanced research? How do the adults take it?

  7. An interesting fact about you, we might not know otherwise…

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