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The Wolfram Science Communications Show

So, this summer I attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp 2019, in Boston. And, it was AN EXPERIENCE. But, this post is not about that.

After the camp, a group of students from the camp were invited back to do projects under the company’s sponsorship, under the banner, Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program. I was delighted when I got appointed as the lead for the “Science Communications Team”. This was in August. Since then, my team (a group of 5 students from 3 countries) have been working together towards creating an educational video series- The Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program Science Communications Show. Throughout this course of 4 months, we have been interviewing prominent people, and making science and “how to” videos.

And now, we are almost at the end of this journey. The show would air in January- but here’s the deal. All the interviews are also going to be posted on this blog as a series very soon. So, sit tight as the InnovatiON blog features these special interviews and makes you plunge into the amazing world of Wolfram Language and Computation.

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